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Updates 9.22 (QoL)

Big updates to the client today, please restart your launcher to load the updated client. A special thanks to both @Arch337 for helping me with the client updates and @Rembrandt for his client background. Also, congratulations are in store for @Arch337 as he has joined the team as a developer for the .com community! (so spam him for your suggestions...) ;)

  • Jatix relocated back to Taverley.
  • Banker added to Taverley.
  • Removed delay on cleaning herbs.
  • Premium General Store moved to where Jatix was.
  • Added flax to Entrana.
  • Added additional altars.
  • Added agility shortcut to Tav dungeon.
  • Misc skill animations added.
  • Chisel added to Yanille general store.
  • Gem crafting added. (Ub3r rates)
  • Attack Strength Defence potion making added to non prems.
  • Prayers reset on death.
  • Additional misc suggestions that I may have added but didn't update this list cuz it's 5am. <3
  • I'll probably do a full crafting rewrite this weekend if it doesn't mess with my timeline posted in DC.

  • Orbs added.
  • Xp counter added.
  • Item quantity colored.
  • Sounds removed on startup, can enable in volume control options.
  • Camera can be moved on gamescreen.
  • Shift+Click dropping added.
  • @Rembrandt background added.
  • Legacy hotkeys added.
  • Misc client errors resolved.
  • Yell channel added.


Although it may be a bit too early to advertise the server, I'm not opposed to getting something started prior to deeming the server / economy / community stable. If anyone is willing to take the time to produce some media regarding Dodian as well as a guide for new players to begin that covers some of the quirks that "Dodian" offers, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure we will run a poll with some sort of reward going out to the media owner that is deemed the community's favorite but I would still like to offer something in return to those that take the time to contribute towards our community here. I'm not sure what, but it would/should be something of value to your time spent.

Please post here with any media as well as any guides that would be beneficial to promoting the server/community. Even a little piece of content/guide could be used or pieced together to form a whole of something great.


The bird is the word

Congratulations are in store for the following (temp) player moderators:
I know many of you submitted applications, and we will keep them on file during the next round of picks as the server grows.

Rank Changes:
As forums seemingly are being killed off year by year, Player Moderators will have perms to all areas of Dodian. Forum Mods will be removed, and Global Moderators will be based more closely to "Sr. Mods" granting higher permissions and overrides.

In other news, we are getting pretty close to a "Rares event"... I would love to see some fun / engaging ideas on how the rares should be given out. (needs to be something that all players can jump into (mains/skillers)).
This can literally be anything like an actual event, quest, random, party house, hide 'n seek, let's hear it!


Server Updates 9.15

  • Added players online screen (Fixed screensize).
  • Reduced yell timer.
  • Runecrafting - Added ub3r rates, switched reqs for bloods and souls as originally intended.
  • Crystal bow is now 1-handed as in ub3r.
  • Added easter basket "skip" emote whilst equipped.
  • Pagination added to HiScores.
  • Added Spirit Tree teleport (Gnome Stronghold -> Wildy Course)
  • Added Wildi Agility Course (75 Agility).
  • Added Secondary Herb ticket exchange (Wildi Course).
  • Changed Herblore exps to match Ub3r
  • Added Magic Potion (level 79).
  • Added additional herblore drops to Slayer npcs.
  • Misc networking backend fixes.
  • Misc packets added.
  • Additional player details saving. (ModCP)
  • Misc items buffed to be more in line with the server.

Additional Premium Options

There is now an additional option within the Premium Membership upgrades that allows users to "gift" premium membership to another user.

Please note that although gifting Premium Membership to another player is currently allowed, if items within the server are being given for the "gifted membership" and those items are not delivered OR the "gifted membership" is not delivered this will fall under the item scamming rule / punishment.

I hope this helps the users that are unable to complete a transaction on their own for whatever reason.

If this is abused, I will remove it.


  • Keep as is 100%

    Votes: 28 42.4%
  • Reduce prayer protection from 100% to 50%

    Votes: 23 34.8%
  • Rework Bosses

    Votes: 15 22.7%

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